Cessna O-2

The Postbellum Foundation

Logo Stichting PostbellumThe Postbellum Foundation (Postbellum = after the war) aims at keeping the memory alive of all the conflicts fought in the air after the both World Wars, byy flying and displaying rare warbirds from the Coldwar era and visiting airshows.

All because, with all due respect, warbirds from WW2 are plenty. The public knows everything about them. And the memories of those dark times are kept alive by all the Spitfires, Mustangs and Mitchells gracing our skies.

But the may be even more dangerous conflict, the Cold War, with nuclear weapons live and ready on both sides, is already forgotten by many. That is why we want to tell the fascinating stories of the Cold War, also from the places that where 'hot'. To do so we use some legendary true warbirds, some of them very rare. Our first: The Cessna O-2A.

Also we invite schools, communities and organisations to contact us. For lectures, guided tours, and debates. You are able to see and touch some real history from the fifties, sixties and seventies. If you want to help us keeping the memory alive, please contact us as well. Whatever your contribution may be: flying, maintenance, or sharing valuable information. Please mail to info [at] stichtingpostbellum.nl